Welcome to Utrecht! Home to cosy bars, beautiful canal houses and delicious restaurants. Walking alongside Utrecht’s principal canal: the Oudegracht is one of my favourite strolls. In this post, I’ll share my best Utrecht tips in five pictures. 

A 30 minute stroll from ‘t Wed to Ledig Erf

Start your tour at ‘t Wed, a very old street, dating back to 1300. The name corresponds to the ‘taluds’ or ‘wedden’, the so called streets below street level alongside the Oudegracht (do you still get the point?!). Many tourists won’t come far, start at the shopping area, head towards ‘t Wed and stop their tour. Walk further down south and be surprised by many local shops and bars. End your stroll at ‘Ledig Erf’, the best place in Utrecht for all day sunny terraces.

Oudegracht is Utrecht’s principal canal, crossing the centre from north to south. You can enjoy it by canoe, boat or simply by foot. Bring your picnic or coffee to go and just relax. Enjoy the beautiful architecture and houses on or below (!) street level. Those basements are called ‘werfkelders’ and a long long time ago used to deliver goods by ship.

Utrecht tips alongside the Oudegracht

‘t Wed: enjoy one of Utrecht’s best places to have a drink

Coffee first. Talud 9 is a tiny coffee bar serving great shots. They always have two roasts to choose from. In the afternoon, choose from the many wines by the glass

Colour Kitchen: the place where less fortunate people have a chance to work

You’ll find many many bikes. Watch them out!

Enjoy beautiful views

More pictures? Follow my favourite Instagram account: NekoUtrecht

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